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January 7, 2010

“Boise State did what Boise State does. Show up on a big stage, in a tight game and do something incredibly brass to rip somebody’s heart out. They did it to Oklahoma back in 07’ in the Fiesta Bowl and they did it to 4th ranked TCU last night. And to the question of how did TCU not see that fake punt coming? I don’t know, maybe it’s because Boise State was looking at 4th and 9 from their own 33 in a tied game with about 9 ½ minutes to play. Maybe as brass as Coach Chris Peterson is, maybe they didn’t think that even he had the stones to put a year’s worth of work by the entire program on the tribal tatted arm of a punter, but they thought wrong because punter Kyle Brotzman went legend with this pass to Kyle Efaw and the Broncos finished off that drive and ended their season 14-0 man’s game, Chris Peterson, man’s game for the call, and for scheming like a freak defensively when all the talk was about TCU’s top ranked defense coming in. Plus big ups to the maniacal Broncos fans who were peaking for all 4 quarters. I don’t know if any other program that has a crew like this: part pep rally, part freak show. They travel like Steeler fan but geek out like Raider fan. How bout my man in the Bronco Libre muchidore getup, and the dudes rocking the orange and blue ultimate warrior face paint. You think it was the first time in the BCS for all of them but it wasn’t nor will it be their last. You keep doing what you’re doing and the BCS honks will not be able to keep you out of their title game because as flawed as that system is where you start often determines where you finish. This year Boise State started at number 14 in the pre-season which was way too much ground to have to make up, but that’s not gonna happen next year. Run the table again and we’ll see you at that party.” –Jim Rome

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