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My name is Shane Grove and I am a husband, father, neophyte golfer, occasional hunter, and an Associate Pastor at Capital Christian Center.  My wife and I are blessed with the opportunity of being the directors of Capital Interns, a post-high school leadership & discipleship program.  I’ve spent the last decade passionately serving the young people in my city, alongside some truly amazing leaders.  Capital Christian has been my home for the last 26 years.  God is miraculously transforming individuals and families throughout our city, via His church.  I’m grateful to be apart of something so magnificent.

I love my wife and kids (just thought you should know)!  My wife and I helped institute “Saving Grace” ministries.  It is a non-profit focused on looking after the needs of orphans with in our community.  Our current goal is entitled, “Homes for 100.”  In 2010, we’re partnering with families and ministries to see 100 orphans placed in 100 Christ centered homes throughout our state.  Thanks for praying and believing with us. In conclusion, this blog consists of my thoughts, expressions, miscellaneous points, and some leadership nuggets I’ve collected along the way.  (I drink tall, 1 raw sugar, lattes)

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